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Vegan beauty and its demands for animal-free skincare products

Veganism is an alternative style of living that excludes all kinds of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or for any other purpose; and which instead promotes the use of animal-free alternatives for humans and also the environment. From accessories and clothing to makeup and toiletries items, animal products tested on animals are found in many more places than you may imagine. Fortunately, nowadays there are affordable and easily sourced alternatives to simply every product available. As awareness grows about animal testing, conscious consumers are seeking cruelty-free beauty products, and an increasing number of companies are creating cosmetics and skincare products in response like ours.

At ANBIA®, we are adamant about animal-free alternatives! If you are against eating meat, clothing yourself with its skin or fur then you shouldn’t be forced to place animal by-products on your skin. We believe that having a choice matters especially when it involves skincare products.

While the cosmetic industry is swiftly changing its standards when it involves offering green products. Now, there are many options to choose from, like cruelty-free, organic and vegan products. But those don’t all mean the identical thing. While most are much safer for your skin because they don’t contain questionable ingredients, strong fragrances, or harsh chemicals, they differ when it involves what’s in your products and the way they are made.

To clarify a few doubts, organic products don’t contain any synthetics, but they may still contain animal-derived ingredients like beeswax, honey, or lanolin. To be mindful of using products that don’t contain any animal-related ingredients, buying from brands that produce vegan products are your best bet. Luckily, there are many cosmetics companies offering vegan products today. At ANBIA® we currently offer 17 kinds of soaps that are vegan friendly, just check the back labels of our soaps and see for yourself that we’re committed to transparency.

Are cruelty-free products vegan? Cruelty-free products only refer to animal testing. However, some supposedly “cruelty-free” products may include animal by-products so please beware. A growing number of brands are introducing vegan lines, making it easier to shop for a beauty product that offers both solutions.

How am I able to make certain the merchandise I’m buying is cruelty-free? There are several certifications you can depend upon when buying animal-friendly products. The most important and well-known is the Leaping Bunny label. To receive this label, a brand must be cruelty-free from process to product. They must not practice any animal testing on any ingredients or even in the final product, and not participate in animal testing in foreign markets. Our ANBIA® products are produced in a Leaping Bunny certified plant in Montana. You can be assured that our products are certified.

Thanks to the diligence of many concerned organizations, it’s getting easier to research if a product you are buying is cruelty-free. Supporting cruelty-free and vegan companies saves lives, and paves the road to a kinder, more compassionate future. In today’s world you mostly have a choice, opt to use vegan-friendly skincare products.

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