Stay germ-free as the temperature goes down

As the Winter season approaches and the temperature gets colder, the risk of getting sick and contracting the flu increases. Because of this, ANBIA® wants to share some tips with you on how to keep yourself and others from getting the flu and making the most out of the holiday with friends and family; getting the flu shot, wearing adequate clothes and shoes, regularly washing hands, and taking supplements are all necessary steps to take in order to stay healthy during this season.

n order to avoid getting sick with the flu, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevision claims getting the flu shot is a must due to the following reasons:

  • Getting the flu vaccination can prevent you from getting sick with the flu: In seasons when the vaccine viruses match circulating strains, flu vaccines have been proven to reduce the chance of having to go to a clinic as a consequence by 40% to 60%.
  • Flu vaccination may lower the risk of flu-associated hospitalization for children, adults, and the elderly: Tens of thousands of hospitalizations are prevented each year as a result of the flu vaccine. In fact, within the years of 2016 and 2017, the vaccine prevented an estimated of 85,000 hospitalizations related to the flu.

Equally important, a 2014 study revealed that the flu vaccine reduced children’s risk of pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) admission due to the flu by 74% during flu seasons from 2010-2012. Similarly, in adults, the flu vaccine has reduced the risk of flu-associated hospitalization on average by about 40%.

  • Flu vaccine can be life-saving in children: A study conducted in 2017 indicated that flu vaccination notably minimizes a child’s risk of contracting and dying as a result of influenza.
  • For those who get vaccinated and get sick nonetheless, it has been proven that the vaccine greatly reduces the impact of the illness: A study that was carried out in 2017 discovered that getting the flu vaccine reduces deaths, ICU admissions and period of stay, and overall length of hospitalization among those affected by the flu.

Similarly, a 2018 study showed that when it comes to adults hospitalized because of the flu, patients who get vaccinated are 59% less likely to be admitted to the ICU, whereas those who have not been vaccinated have a higher chance. At the same time, amongst adult flu patients admitted to the ICU, those who have been vaccinated are expected to spend, on average, four fewer days in the hospital than those who have not been.

  • Getting vaccinated also protects people around you, including groups who are more vulnerable to flu complications, such as babies and children, as well as the elderly, and people with certain chronic health conditions.

Knowing what kind of clothes and shoes to wear during the Winter season is also key to staying healthy. By doing this, you will be protected from the particularly cold weather. During this time, it is essential to wear clothes that are water-resistant, as it also is to dress in layers to protect against the low temperatures.

For example, The Washington Post recommends wearing three layers. The first one, made of “Polyester, silk or some other material with the ability to wick sweat away from your skin.” The second one—the insulating layer—is the one that will keep you warm. Sweatshirts, sweaters, or down coats work in this case. The third layer’s purpose is to block the wind and the rain. Unless it is raining, a regular winter coat works just fine. However, if it is raining, or you wish to feel less cold, make your third layer a wind and waterproof shell.

Similarly, keeping your hands clean is a fundamental step to take when trying to stay healthy and lowering the chances of others from getting sick at the same time. In fact, the CDC claims that researchers in London estimate that a million lives could be saved a year if everyone routinely washed their hands.

Considering this, we recommend using the ANBIA® Certified Organic Oatmeal Soaps. Our Foaming Hand Wash soaps come in different varieties, such as Wild Herbs, Coco Loco, Spice Bae, Juniper Joy, Endlessly Pure, Spice Bae, and Tangelo Glow.

Finally, taking supplements is also one of our recommendations to avoid getting sick this Winter season. In fact, according to Healthline, not having enough levels of vitamin D in our organism may lead to poor bone growth, cardiovascular problems, and a weak immune system.

To prevent this, Healthline recommends foods high in vitamin D. For example, egg yolks, mushrooms, salmon, canned tuna, and beef liver are among the best options. Buying vitamin D supplements is also an alternative to keep in mind.

When the Winter season kicks in and the temperature goes down, be sure to stay healthy and avoid getting the flu by taking these recommendations into consideration. As the flu season is at its peak, take the necessary precautions to enjoy the holiday in company of friends and family. Be sure to make the most out of them without letting the fear of getting the flu stress you out.

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