At ANBIA®, it’s back to basic oats for us.

Our mission is to promote and maintain healthy glowing skin for our customers by providing high quality organic oat-based products. We pledge to conduct our business in an eco-conscious manner utilizing recycled packaging.  

We take great pride in our products, all of which contain oats and certified organic ingredients for skincare.  At ANBIA®, our official USDA organic certification supports our mission by ensuring our ingredients, packaging, and procedures are clean, green and renewable.

Why do all your soaps contain oatmeal?

Our ANBIA® bar soaps contain finely ground gluten-free certified organic oats.  The oatmeal in our soaps exfoliates your skin and at the same time locks in moisture and protects your skin from exterior irritants.  Our liquid soaps contain oatmeal extract; regular use will regenerate your skin and encourage new cell growth. Oatmeal also contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and as such is ideal for sensitive skin. Oatmeal can help normalize your skin’s pH, which can relieve itchy, uncomfortable skin.

Are your soaps truly certified organic?

Yes, our soaps are Certified Organic by Montana State Department of Agriculture, U.S.A.  At ANBIA® we make every one of our soap bars with a minimum of 85% organic ingredients and our liquid soaps contain 82% organic ingredients. Certified organic regulations require that ingredients be traced back to the beginning, to the product’s origins, and then be accounted for in organic percentages. Certified organic also identifies a level of soap quality; it shows a commitment to honesty and transparency. In the case of soap, that means no synthetics or toxins to irritate the skin that cause long-term problems over time. It also means no toxins washed down the drain and passed on to others; none of the ingredients used in making certified organic soap can have been grown or produced using irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic pesticides or genetic engineering. Certified organic means safe, high-quality products you can feel good about using, and it means an industry you can feel good about supporting when you shop.

Is the packaging made from recyclable and/or post-consumer recycled content?

Our certified organic oatmeal bar soaps are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes. We use HDPE plastic bottles for our certified organic castile body wash  and foaming hand wash soaps and are recyclable, as are the labels we use.  We encourage our customers to recycle in your local community.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Do you make vegan soaps?

Yes, we do!  ANBIA® currently carry six varieties of certified organic bar soaps; five of which are vegan friendly.  Our vegan bar soaps are Endlessly Pure, Coco Loco, Wild Herbs, Flower Power and Tropical Punch. Our non-vegan bar soap is Simply Sweet because it contains certified organic honey.

We recently added a new line of liquid soaps, all of which are vegan friendly.  These include our line of castile body wash and our foaming hand wash soaps in six varieties:  Endlessly Pure, Wild Herbs, Coco Loco, Juniper Joy, Spice Bae and Tangelo Glow.

Does the company conduct animal testing of ingredients or products?

Not a chance! We strive above all else to be a green company. We don’t want to harm the planet or any living creature on it. Our manufacturing facility is proudly registered with Leaping Bunny.

Are all ingredients disclosed on the label?

Absolutely yes! Right down to the very last drop. We are proud of the certified organic ingredients we use to make our soaps.