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You’ll always be my Spice Bae

As we transition into the fall season, I decided I needed to transition into fall all around my home. You see, autumn is my favorite of all the seasons. From decor to festive fall foods (hello, pumpkin spice latte!), I embrace all things fall for the few short months it’s here, so it only made sense that I needed to transition to a warm, spicy fall body wash, too. Of course, my first choice was ANBIA® Spice Bae Castile Body Wash.

If I could describe the smell of Spice Bae Castile Body Wash in one way, this is what I would say—Spice Bae smells like the feeling of drinking a warm Fireball Hot Toddy on a beautiful autumn day. It’s the feeling you get as you’re sitting outside on a cool, crisp afternoon, and your soothing drink makes its way from the mug, through your mouth, down your throat. It’s that warm and cozy feeling you get all over after finishing that delicious warm drink, like you’ve suddenly been wrapped in a big, fluffy blanket and placed in front of a roaring fireplace. It’s a smell that makes you feel warm, content, and oh so happy.

The first time I smelled Spiced Bae, I was using the Spice Bae Foaming Hand Wash. I kept a bottle next to my kitchen sink. I found myself looking forward to washing my hands, just so I could be engulfed in the warm, spiced aroma of the soap. It was like I was lighting a scented candle every time I washed my hands. After that, of course, I was beyond thrilled to experience that same feeling when I washed my body with the Spice Bae Castile Body Wash soap. I decided the first week of fall was the perfect time to bring out a brand-new bottle for my shower.

Once I stepped inside and opened my Spice Bae, I was immersed in tranquility. After a long day, the oils and aroma from the wash were exactly what my body and skin needed to relax and fall into autumn mode. I completely engulfed myself by the scent and felt perfectly relaxed. I love having a body wash that can overtake your senses and transport you to another world from right inside your shower. Spice Bae is made with ingredients that give it a warm, spicy, and exotic aroma and a smooth, soft lather on my skin. I instantly feel peaceful and calm when I use it, like it turns my shower into a waterfall on a Caribbean island.

But what’s even better than the smell and where it takes you, is how absolutely amazing it makes your skin feel. Like all ANBIA® products, Spice Bae is made with amazing, quality ingredients that help keep your skin feeling soothed, hydrated, and nourished. There really is no better feeling than freshly washed and exfoliated skin. As a mom, often my “me time” is time spent in the shower or tub, so I have to make the most of it.

Once I pour the soap onto my wash cloth, it instantly begins to work itself into a lathering soft foam—sometimes I just put the soap directly into the palm of my hand just to feel the gentle lather build up as I rub my hands together. The best part is that even after I’m out of the shower, dried off, pajamas on, I can still smell the cassia and clove oils now absorbed into my skin— welcoming me like the scent of a cinnamon roll. There’s not much in life that can make you happier than the smell of cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven, so just imagine the happiness you’re bound to feel after a shower or bath with your Spice Bae. I know that’s definitely how I feel after using it.

It also has the ability to make your whole family happy. Spice Bae is made with wholesome, organic ingredients that create a wash even your spouse and children will love to use, and you’ll feel good about them using it, too. Imagine, getting your kids out of the bath smelling of fall and warmth—doesn’t that sounds wonderful? So, whether you’re looking to have your skin and senses engulfed during some “me time” this autumn or want to share the warmth and spice-filled aroma with the whole family, Spice Bae Castile Body Wash Soap is just what you need in your shower this season.

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