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Annatto seed powder: Uses and Benefits

Annatto seed powder is produced from the seeds of the achiote tree which grows in tropical locations around the world. The achiote tree is native to several locations in Central and South America. The seeds inside are small and red and are loaded with vitamins and minerals that help the body in numerous ways. It’s believed that the annatto seed powder was used more during rituals of painting the body and medicinal purposes before it had been used for food or to dye different seasonings to cook with. The oil from the seeds is often added to naturally color foods just like the famous Spanish paella. The annatto seed powder also offers a small low peppery taste when used as a spice.

As a plant high in antioxidants, annatto likely has benefits that might reduce the expansion and spread of cancer tumors. Annatto also has properties that will calm indigestion, relieve heartburn and ease the pain of stomach cramps. For stomach-pain relief, add annatto to herbal tea or other warm beverages.  With numerous amazing health benefits, it’s time to replenish your kitchen on annatto seeds today. Another great way of including these seeds in your diet is by adding ground annatto to recipes or sprinkling the whole seeds over salads for a powerful boost to your health from within.

The more antioxidants at hand, the more protection, and support you provide your skin. When in pain from burns injury or wounds or any skin disorder, annatto seeds cream could be spread evenly to hasten the treatment process and lower the scaring and mitigate the pain. The oil extracted from the Annatto seeds is rich in beta-carotene; a source of vitamin A,  it inhibits the oxidation of other molecules and protects the body from free radicals.

We added Annatto seed powder to our Simply Sweet Bar Soap so you can benefit from all the goodness these ground seeds offer.

Annatto is additionally a coloring agent made up of the seeds of the plant Bixa Orellana, commonly called the lipstick tree.  The cosmetic industry has used annatto in the formulation of lipsticks, shampoos, soaps and other skincare products.  We added annatto seed powder to our Simply Sweet bar soap so you can benefit from all the goodness these ground seeds offer.

At ANBIA® we took advantage of this natural dye to add a pale-yellow color to our Simply Sweet Bar Soap

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