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Unlock the power of flowers: Hibiscus and Rosehips

ANBIA® soaps feature only the most effective organic ingredients. Our Flower Power soap contains hibiscus petals and rosehips fruit. Both are known for their anti-aging power.

One of the key ingredients in our Flower Power bar soap is hibiscus petals. Hibiscus is fondly called the “Botox” plant due to its powerful properties. It also has the ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is accountable for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin, hibiscus actively combats the aging process by firming and lifting your skin.

Hibiscus petals also contain citric acid, which aids in cell turnover. For folks who suffer from hyperpigmentation, citric acid helps reverse the damage caused by the sun and pollution through exfoliation. Not only does this help minimize age spots, but its benefits may also encourage an all-round fresher, younger, smoother looking complexion. The natural acids present in hibiscus help to purify your skin by breaking down dead skin cells and increasing cell turnover, it will even help to manage acne breakouts. Instead of the customary harsh synthetic acids that generally strip your skin of its natural oils, the organic acids from hibiscus bounces your skin back in balance for a more natural complexion. Skin appears more even in tone and smoother in texture.

The rosehips also called rose haw and rose hep, is the fruit of the rose plant. It’s a brick red to orange color but can be darker in some species. The rosehips fruit begins to form after the pollination of flowers in spring and ripen in the fall.

The oil from the rosehip fruit penetrates deep into the skin layers and improves skin health. Vitamin C, as we know, stimulates the overall production of collagen and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin A is usually called the “skin vitamin” which regenerate new skin cells, heal wounds and scars. It also helps to maintain the skin flexible and nourished. This may not only prevent wrinkles but may also help to reduce those lines that have already appeared.

Rosehips also combats the UV damage from the sun. The antioxidants within the fruit improve skin texture and skin tone and also help treat pigmentation. The essential fatty acids in rosehips also prevent scarring and encourage skin regeneration and keep the skin free from blemishes. It’s also good for correcting dark spots and treating dry or itchy skin and may be used as a skin-whitening agent to beautify your skin. Rosehips also contain quercetin, which has been found to stop melanoma, a significant type of skin cancer.

Rosehips even has astringent qualities which makes it a valuable addition in cosmetic preparations. It can help regenerate new skin cells. While it’s an astringent, it doesn’t dry out the skin; it helps to rehydrate it, keeping the moisture in. Drinking rosehips tea daily will benefit your skin as well.

ANBIA®‘s Flower Power soap combines the anti-aging power of hibiscus petals and rosehips fruit. With regular use expect to see improved skin tone and texture, giving your skin a younger appearance.

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