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The citrus flow

The first piece about the Tangelo Glow foaming hand wash soap that I noticed is the bright and fun orange colored label. Not only is the label orange, but the radiating orange fragrance of the foaming hand wash soap is that of tangerines and oranges.

The use of essential oils in skin care is there not only to leave us smelling great but each essential oil if packed full of different vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to healthy skin. Essential oils have been used around the world for over 20,000 years! Many people believe each oil provides healing and enhancing powers and practices. Essential oils can be used automatically, in skin care products, orally and/or diffused. Absorbing oils through the skin relays a message to the brain responsible for controlling emotions and influencing the nervous system and beloved to have effect on biological factors such as heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, immunity functions, and breathing.

So, let’s talk about the radiating fragrance of the Tangelo Glow Foaming Hand Wash Soap. Fashioned in tangerine and orange essential oils. These essential oils aren’t just included in the formula to leave your hands smelling fresh and clean, each oil has many beneficial factors that I will share with you next.

The essential oil of tangerine is one of the best ways to get all the nutrients and benefits of the fruit. Tangerine essential oil has anti-septic, anti-bacterial and antispasmodic properties. Tangerine essential oil purifies blood, soothes inflammation, acts as a tonic, and as a sedative, boosts digestion, relives spasms, boosts metabolism, strengthens immune system, acts as a great detoxing agent, and when used automatically has a calming effect, and it improves mental clarity. Tangerine essential oil is amazing for overall health.

The essential oil of orange also been used to treat a variety of ailments of the body. The healing properties of orange essential oil are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Orange essential oil helps regulate menstruation, and lactation. Provides digestive help to the stomach, prevents infection, acts as a tonic. When used directly the oil helps provide a sedative effect, alleviates anxiety, anger and depression, eliminates oils and guards against acne, colds, flu, constipation, stress and overall helps to improve our moods.

I know that after I use the Tangelo Glow Foaming Hand Wash soap by ANBIA® even my outlook feels brighter, I can smell the freshness and sunshine on my hands. And if I have any small cuts on my hand at the time of washing, I can be assured I won’t get any infections. And the fact that this liquid hand soap is a foam helps my 5 year old understand how much soap he squirts on his hand is the right amount – whereas the average liquid hand soap he keeps squirting because it is more difficult to see the actual amount he needs to use. The Tangelo Glow Foaming Hand Wash soap is one of my favorite hand soaps 10/10! Keeping my family clean on the outside and knowing it’s safe to use on our bodies.

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