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That’s so Simply Sweet

One of the biggest trends right now is finding something that is good for you, but hits your sweet spot, too—like a healthy cookie or ice cream, for example. Nobody likes to sacrifice sweetness for wellness, and neither does your skin. That’s why it needs ANBIA®’s Simply Sweet Certified Organic Oatmeal Bar Soap. This soap is unlike any other made by ANBIA® because it contains one special, sweet ingredient that none of the other products do. Organic honey.

That’s right—one of nature’s most beneficial humectants—honey. The Simply Sweet Bar features organic honey, which gives it a vast array of benefits that can only be found in that one, special ingredient. While it has long been a tradition of using honey as a natural sweetener in for your food and drinks—I personally love a good iced honey latte—did you know it also has been found that honey can aid the skin, as well? And let me tell you, the benefits are so great, there’s really no reason not to use it. All skin types of all ages can benefit.

One of the biggest benefits resulting from the use of honey is its healing properties. Honey is known for its ability to fight infections and bacteria on the skin, which makes it ideal for those with blemishes and acne issues. Even if you aren’t dealing with those problems, it will still aid in keeping your skin happy and healthy. Honey is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, and, as your largest organ, it’s important to keep your skin as healthy as can be!

In addition to its healing properties, honey is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which also aid in the treatment and clearing of acnes and blemishes, or even psoriasis. I know this to be certain because while I was pregnant with both of my daughters, my skin broke out in blemishes due to the influx in hormones in my body. I always looked for products containing honey to help with the inflammation and healing, and it genuinely helped to clear my skin. I am now nine months postpartum and use my Simply Sweet Certified Organic Oatmeal Bar Soap to help keep my skin clear.

Studies have also been done showing that honey has proven anti-aging effects because of its ability to improve the skin’s appearance. It’s said that honey can help prevent wrinkles and help keep skin looking smooth and hydrated because of its ability to lock moisture in the skin, which helps to increase your skin’s elasticity, thus making it look youthful and glowing. So, if you’re a fellow mama like me, a.k.a. always tired and aging faster by the minute, you’ll probably need this soap in your life—I know I do!

A few additional benefits include brightening the skin, lightening scars and dark spots, as well as, being used as a useful remedy for sunburns!

This bar is truly a dynamic duo because it not only contains the amazing humectant, honey, but it also contains certified organic ground oats, which are ideal for natural exfoliation. Keeping your skin clear and exfoliated is the key to preventing the buildup of dirt and dead skin cells on your skin that often leads to acne and blemishes or dull, dry skin. It also absorbs excess oil on the skin, balancing out the skin’s oil and further reducing skin problems. You can’t find a better combo!

A few other ingredients found in the Simply Sweet Certified Organic Oatmeal Bar Soap that are worth noting are the organic annatto seed powder and, of course, one of my favorite oils, coconut oil! Organic annatto seed powder has a dual purpose in the Simply Sweet Bar—it was added because it is full of unique antioxidants and vitamins, but also because it is a natural dye, which gives the bar its yellow color. Coconut oil is used in reducing inflammation, keeping skin moisturized and helping heal skin injuries, which is why it is used in so many ANBIA® products.

Like all of ANBIA®’s products, Simply Sweet Certified Organic Oatmeal Bar Soap is made with only the highest-quality, organic ingredients—the very ingredients that I’ve come to expect from ANBIA® and that my skin has come to love. Because of this, the Simply Sweet Bar Soap is a product that I feel good about letting my whole family use. The ingredients are tough enough to moisturize and soothe my husband’s skin, yet gentle enough to be used on my infant’s skin. The final sweet surprise is that the bar also contains vanilla essential oil, which not only promotes healthy skin, but it complements the honey, giving the bar a subtly sweet aroma. I love having that scent on my skin and my girls’—it’s just so Simply Sweet.

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