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Sticking to organic foaming hand soap: a win-win for the environment and your skin

Foaming soap—a form of liquid hand soap—has recently gained popularity. According to National Purity, foam soap is the final product of a diluted form of liquid soap. It is filled with air; this is what makes the foaming soap bubbly once it leaves the dispenser. However, specialized dispensers with a chamber that allows the entrance of air are a key factor when it comes to getting the wished texture of the foaming soap. Similarly, there are different kinds of dispensers specifically designed for different purposes; some are designed to be refilled multiple times, and others are meant for single use.

Because the soap per se would not have the foaming property, a specific kind of dispenser is needed. As mentioned before, the entrance of air in the dispenser as the liquid soap comes out is what makes the difference between a foaming soap and a regular one. At the same time, in order for this to happen, the dispenser has to have two chambers—one which holds the liquid on it, and a second one which allows the entrance of air as the dispenser is activated.

When it comes to regular hand soap and foaming hand soap, there are some differences. According to Healthfully, these differences can be seen in the bottle construction, composition, and consistency. For starters, while both hand soap and foaming hand soap bottles have a pump mechanism, the main difference between them is that the latter dispenses the soap and allows the entrance of air to it at the same time, resulting in foam as it is dispensed.

The second difference—composition—is that soap, not water, is the biggest ingredient in regular hand soap. Foaming hand soap, instead, has a much more significant amount of water added to it, making it more liquid as a result. Consequently, this soap: water ratio is what contributes to the foaming property of the soap.

Finally, their consistency varies as well in the sense that regular hand soap tends to be thicker than foaming hand soap. This is the result of the soap: water ratio previously discussed. Because foaming hand soap has more water added to it, it will be more liquid and less consistent than regular hand soap.

Equally important, while foaming hand soap seems to be the best option, making it organic can offer even more benefits to the skin. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one of the biggest advantages obtained from organic products is that it reduces the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, which are the result of pesticides and fertilizers, growth hormones, and irradiation.

Sometimes, skincare products and different chemicals can be responsible for the accumulation of toxins on the skin, and this, at the same time, can lead to bigger skin issues. For example, skin irritation and the fact that absorbed toxins go directly to the bloodstream and the liver are enough to be concerned and try different alternatives to stay healthy, especially when problems like these could be easily avoided by sticking to organic products whenever possible.

The U.S Department of Agriculture also states that one of the main benefits of organic products is that their ingredients are not grown or handled using genetically modified organisms. Equally important, the Department also states that for a product to be certified organic, they have to be free of synthetic pesticides. This means fewer toxins are present in these products. Simultaneously, while organic products are better for the skin, they also are for the overall health, the soil, water, and planet.

Considering all the previously mentioned reasons, ANBIA® came up with the Endlessly Pure foaming hand soap. The 82% certified organic soap is made of saponified organic oil of sunflower, organic oil of coconut, organic vegetable glycerin, oatmeal extract, and rosemary extract. Its consistency is liquid and it has a neutral scent, making it one of the simplest, yet best alternatives, especially for those with vegan lifestyles, sensitive skin, and who are intolerant of scents.

After trying Endlessly Pure for two weeks, I have noticed satisfactory results on my skin. For example, my hands are far more hydrated than they used to be when I used regular hand soap. My skin feels soft and is no longer dry, neither visibly nor to the touch. I noticed as well how the organic foaming hand soap is much easier to wash off, and how my skin does not feel mistreated or damaged in any way, as it sometimes can be the case due to the chemicals often used in the cosmetic industry.

Also, I noticed how the organic foaming hand soap is much easier to wash off, and how my skin does not feel mistreated or damaged in any way, as it sometimes can be the case as a result of the chemicals used in the cosmetic industry. Although the bottles are not meant to be refilled, they can be recycled, making this product ideal not only for one’s skincare, but also to take care of the environment.

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