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Soothing sensations

The label on this Castile body wash soap is a relaxing shade of violet which is as vivid as the purple flowers budding on juniper trees.  What I really admire about the Juniper Joy Castile Body Wash Soap is that upon inspecting the ingredients on the back label there are no animal additives or colorants.  This is especially important to my husband Zack and our young son, Vinnie. I love the scent of this Castile body wash soap, it is subtle yet powerful; the juniper aroma is sweet, crisp, and piney, like the scent of a rose. In fact, Zack even knew it was juniper soap after smelling it and before reading the back label and he said it smelled divine!  Zack has a sharp sense of smell!  The fragrance from juniper berries essential oil is very distinctive and mellow like meeting with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Juniper berries essential oil is commonly used aromatically, internally and topically.

Juniper grows in North America, North East Asia and Europe, and has been used medicinally since ancient times. There are over 50 species of this tree. Juniper is of the pine family and its indigo colored flowers when crushed, emit a scent similar to that of apples and lemons combined.

Here are some fun facts about juniper berries that I found interesting and would like to share with you.  It promotes skin health by cleansing it free of infection and sores, it clears acne and skin rashes and even eczema.  It also prevents insomnia, reduces muscle pain, supports kidneys, improves the respiratory system from phlegm.  I also found that it boosts the mood; for those suffering from fatigue, stress and anxiety, it also reduces bloating and relieves pains from muscle cramps.

Juniper Joy Castile Body Wash Soap lather is powerful and makes lots of tiny bubbles! Speaking of bubbles, the slick feeling on my skin after washing is due to the additional organic ingredients in this soap plus coconut oil which locks in moisture into my skin and makes it feel ever so soft! It’s so blissful to understand why our skin products are so healthy for us.  Even people who have or had skin issues in the past will find this soap by Anbia® to be beneficial in their daily routine.

Another thing that I noticed and wanted to share is after my second- or third-time using Juniper Joy Castile Body Wash Soap in my shower, I had zero menstruation cramps during my monthly period! This totally blew me away, to find an organic soap with such an amazing and melodic scent and with such wonderful benefits is a true blessing.

The Juniper Joy Castile Body Wash has an amazing scent which calms my mind and helps my body relax. After each shower, I feel like I just emerged from a steaming hot luxurious sauna with healing flowers and herbs. My family and I also appreciate the easy to read label and the simple wording of its organic ingredients. I especially noticed since I started using Anbia® soaps in my daily routine that my pores are less clogged, my skin is less oily, and my acne is clearing up! My skin feels nourished and clean.

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