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Become immersed in this citric wonder

ANBIA®’s Tangelo Glow shower wash soap contains the ideal ingredients to keep your skin soft, nourished, and fresh. Made with saponified organic oil of sunflower, organic oil of coconut, essential oil of orange, and essential oil of tangerine, it offers the ingredients your skin requires to not only look but also feel clean and youthful. Additionally, because of the essential oils present in it (orange and tangerine), this shower wash soap provides you with a nice citric touch as it pleasantly and delicately lingers on the skin for hours after using it.

One component that makes this wash soap so effective on the skin is the organic oil of sunflower. ANBIA®, known for using organic ingredients when making soaps, uses organic oil of sunflower, for it ensures that no use of chemical fertilizers, artificial agents or pesticides are involved in the process, making the oil more skin-friendly.

Additionally, one of the main benefits of organic oil of sunflower as mentioned by Organic Facts is that this oil is high in vitamin E — an antioxidant that helps in the process of protecting skin from the sun and its harmful UV rays, as well as of other environmental stressors.

Similarly, organic oil of sunflower also aids in moisturizing the skin; due to its high levels of Vitamin E, the skin remains hydrated for extended periods.  Also, this oil is rich in Vitamins A, C, and D, which help to fight and prevent acne. YouBeauty also states that sunflower seed oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that act as antioxidants to regenerate new skin cells, helping the skin rid itself of bacteria responsible for acne.

Organic oil of sunflower is also efficient in reducing signs of aging, since, as previously mentioned, its antioxidant properties help protect the skin from the damages caused by direct sunlight. Vitamin E in the oil can help protect collagen and elastin in the skin, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

ANBIA®’s Tangelo Glow shower wash soap also contains organic oil of coconut. Just like organic oil of sunflower, this oil promises to be gentler on the skin than regular oils. According to Healthline, organic oil of coconut offers several benefits to the skin. For example, this oil has antioxidant properties, which are known for keeping the appearance of skin healthy and smooth.

Organic Coconut Oil is also known to help reduce moisture loss via pores due to its natural composition of saturated fat. Similarly, applying it on the skin can help heal cuts and wounds; it also protects the skin from microbial agents and infections.

Healthline also states that the rejuvenating properties of proteins found in organic oil of coconut may also repair the skin. This oil then contributes to the process of replacement of damaged cells in the skin. Lastly, as organic oil of coconut is also rich in Vitamin E, it protects the skin from cracking when exposed to extreme weather. 

ANBIA®’s Tangelo Glow shower wash soap is made with essential oil of orange. According to Organic Facts, this oil is beneficial in many ways, which include protecting the skin from free radicals and helping the process of healing from acne as a result of the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. The essential oil of orange is also one of the most effective ones when it comes to keeping skin clean and soft.

Similarly, this oil also possesses anti-aging properties. The essential oil of orange is known for slowing down the signs of aging, as well as reducing wrinkles, tightening facial pores, reducing dark spots, and restoring the skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

The essential oil of tangerine is also one of the ingredients present in ANBIA®’s Tangelo Glow shower wash soap. This oil also offers several benefits, which, according to Organic Facts, go from acting as a Cytophylactic (i.e. stimulating cell division) to soothing inflammation.

Certain components present in the essential oil of tangerine facilitate the generation of new skin cells. As a result, this promotes general growth within the body and helps to repair damaged and dead skin cells.

Equally important, this oil is also popular for reducing inflammation. Whether it is internal or external, it sedates inflammation from fever, the intrusion of poisonous substances in the bloodstream from external sources, convulsions, anxiety, stress, and hypersensitivity to allergies. It also sedates depression, anger, and impulsive responses.

After trying ANBIA®’s Tangelo Glow shower wash soap for a month, I can confidently say my skin has never felt as fresh and smooth as it does now. Its citric scent is an all-time favorite for me. It is strong enough to be noticed and enjoyed, yet delicate and soft. Similarly, I have noticed that my skin does not break out as it used to, given that I live in a state where the weather is known for being humid. This soap is gentle on my sensitive skin. It keeps it moisturized and soft to the touch. I enjoy not only its scent but also how clean and smooth my skin looks and feels after each use.

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