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Why ground oats in our bar soap?

Oats are used for hundreds of years as a natural alternative for treating irritated skin. At ANBIA® all our bar soaps contain finely ground oats because it’s the signature ingredient in our certified organic bar soaps. Gentle enough for everyday use, yet highly effective, it soothes all kinds of skin, while gently exfoliating for a fresh, clean appearance.

Ground oats also absorb excessive oils from skin, making it ideal for those with acne issues or oily skin. It removes bacteria, unclogs pores and lifts off dead skin cells. The continued use of oats to maintain your skin’s elasticity and minimize wrinkles is infinite. Your skin will look hydrated longer, as the oats stabilize the pH level of your skin. If you’ve suffered from sunburns, home or industrial fires, itching, and/or other skin irritations, using oats are often a natural option. Frequent use of ANBIA® oats-based bar soaps calms your skin and allows redness to disappear, irrespective of what irritates it.

Oats are known to be rich in antioxidants, especially avenanthramides which deter itching and inflammation of the skin. Using ANBIA® gluten-free ground oats-based soap makes for healthier skin that appears pretty much as good as it feels. Ground oats are the most important ingredient in ANBIA® bar soaps because it offers many purposes that are unparalleled by other soap ingredients.  ANBIA® soaps cleanse, nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving you feeling cleaner than ever.

Its anti-inflammatory properties help maintain the skin exfoliated and reduces itching sometimes caused by inflammation or when the skin’s pH level is high. Oats help to normalize your skin’s pH levels, which helps to revive your skin’s natural pH and moisturize dry skin. Ground oats are reported to help with other esthetics. When used for cleaning your face, it can lighten and help to eliminate dark spots. Oats are filled with chemical compounds called saponins, which are known for their natural cleansing purpose. Blackheads are nothing but clogged pores on your skin. Oats help to unclog the pores and provides you smooth, clear healthy skin. Now you see that “oats saponins” have intense exfoliating properties. It helps with the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface and provides you with fresh, glowing and youthful skin.Any of the certified organic ANBIA® bar soaps with ground oats is an ideal fix for several skin issues. Try them and feel an opulent and soothing clean unlike no other for skin that’s healthier and more radiant than you’ll ever imagine.

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