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Summer citrus scents in a bottle

The label on the Tangelo Glow Castile Body Wash Soap by ANBIA® is very eye-catching and embodies the colors of blood orange, with the bottom of the label being a darker shade of a reddish orange much like the meat of the fruit, alongside the top of the label is a lighter shade of orange like the peel of a blood orange. The liquid Castile soap inside has a slight yellow tint to the color, versus the other ANBIA® Castile Body Wash soaps my family has tried.

When at first, I opened the lid, and lightly squeezed the bottle to take a whiff, my mind drifted off to a memory of eating ripe, plump and juicy tangerines on warm summer California mornings, from my younger days. And at that time in my life, I remember feeling peaceful and warm from the scent of the fresh fruit as I would devour two or three at a time. And now, in my bedroom, I perceived a similar stimulating flashback from the sweet and tangy aroma of the Tangelo Glow Castile Body Wash Soap.

So, I had to try it out as soon as possible.  After making certain that my husband and son were busy together, following being in the yard all morning, I turned the shower faucet on hot (that’s how I like it) and stepped in. I submerged my washing scrubby with the water and surged on the sweet and tangy scented Tangelo Glow Castile Body Wash Soap, suds, scrub then rinse my morning gardening dirt down the drain. With the water flowing off my body, feeling all slick and clean but still smelling the amazing vibrant summer scent of the Castile soap upon my body. I felt refreshed, especially when I used it on my face as I felt a slight tingle as I rubbed it clean and I believe that means it is working to reduce blemishes, dark spots under eyes, and peeling skin- that’s not just an orange joke.  Ha! When citrus is used against the skin it helps cleanse breakouts, or what I call my tired, “Mom eyes”.

Following my mid-day shower, I felt much more energized; I read somewhere a few years ago that tangerines and oranges give us more energy when used in an aromatherapy way. And as a result of using Tangelo Glow Castile Body Wash Soap for a few weeks now when showering, I immediately noticed, my face glowing and looking more toned and youthful, and lighter circles under my eyes (my “Mom eyes”).

I also noted my family’s (my husband Zack and my son Vinnie) love for Tangelo Glow Castile Body Wash Soap. Our bottle is near empty after two weeks of use from it. The Tangelo Glow Castile Body Wash Soap, by ANBIA®, is an excellent and fun summer-like body wash soap. Vinnie said when he smells it, he wants to eat oranges afterward and Zack also admires the tangerine aroma and he thinks that this Castile Body Wash soap is his favorite of all the Castile soaps we have tried so far by ANBIA®. And I absolutely love the way my face and body feel!

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