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Oatmeal Extract: This century’s key ingredient to staying young and healthy

Oatmeal is known for being among the healthiest foods to eat when seeking to lose weight, reduce sugar levels, and the risk of heart disease. However, its extract is just starting to be known for being highly beneficial to the skin. Because of its saponin content, as well as its proteins, lipids, and healing, moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties, oatmeal extract is now a versatile component to consider when aiming to have healthy, beautiful skin.

Grains which come from the cereal plant, Avena Sativa, are known as oats. After harvesting them, there are multiple uses that can be given to it; aside from feeding animals and humans, it is now being used in the cosmetic industry. In the latter case, and according to NDTV Food, its extract is used to treat common skin issues such as acne, dry skin, blackheads, itching, and it can also be used as a natural exfoliant.

Acne is the result of hair follicles plugged with dead skin cells and oil. Because of its high content in zinc, oatmeal is ideal to reduce inflammation, therefore killing the acne-causing bacterial action. Similarly, this helps absorb the skin’s oil excess, preventing the skin pores from getting clogged in the first place.

Dry skin is the result of a water loss in the upper layer of the skin (epidermis). Oatmeal extract can naturally remove the dead skin cells and moisturize the skin at the same time. This is also due to its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its mild pH level, which can provide relief to the swollen skin that leads to its dryness.

According to Healthline, blackheads are small bumps that appear on the skin due to clogged hair follicles. These bumps are called blackheads because the surface looks dark or black. They are a mild type of acne that usually forms on the face, but they can also appear on body parts such as back, chest, neck, arms, and shoulders.

As was mentioned earlier, oatmeals’ saponin contents are specifically known in the industry for their natural cleansing properties, declogging the pores, therefore offering a smoother, cleaner, healthier skin as a result.

Although itching can be caused by many factors—bug bites, allergic reactions or chronic skin conditions can be warning signs of certain skin diseases—it is most commonly caused by a high pH level of the skin or due to inflammation under it. Oatmeal is known for addressing this issue since it lowers and normalizes the skin’s pH levels. This softens the dry skin as a result, and simultaneously moisturizes it, protecting the skin from external irritants.

Exfoliation is important to mention as the saponin chemical compound found in oatmeal makes it a natural cleanser. This means that the dead cells of the skin are naturally removed, leaving the skin feeling smooth, clean, youthful and healthy.

Because of its components, oatmeal extract is a key ingredient to naturally clean, moisturize, and overall improve the skin’s appearance. According to LaMav Organic Skin Science, certain ingredients used by the cosmetic industry in soaps, skin products, lotions and others, can sometimes bring the opposite result of what is expected. Ingredients such as mineral oils, polyethylene glycol, phenoxyethanolmethylisothiazolinone, and other artificial fragrances can severely damage the skin—these ingredients are known for being highly irritating, disturbing the hormonal balance, having side effects on the respiratory and reproductive system, and for being human carcinogen.

Therefore, it is recommended to stick to organic ingredients which guarantee those wishing outcomes without having a negative impact on the human body. Because of its multiple properties, oatmeal extract is among the healthiest and most convenient alternatives for taking care of the skin.

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