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Into the woods with Juniper Joy

I love the aroma of juniper, so I was excited to try Anbia®’s  Juniper Joy Castile Body Wash Soap. Juniper is a type of evergreen tree in the cypress family. The berry-like cones of the female tree contain a variety of beneficial substances, including flavonoids, terpenes, and 87 different antioxidants, making it a powerful aid in skin care. Like all ingredients used in Anbia® products, the juniper berry essential oil used in Juniper Joy Castile Body Wash Soap is 100% organic and safe for the skin.

The first time I used Juniper Joy Castile Body Wash Soap, I was stressed after a long day and needed to relax. My boyfriend suggested that I run a hot shower and sit while the water rained down. With the stage set for relaxation, I reached for my bottle of Juniper Joy Castile Body Wash Soap. As the name suggests, juniper is known for its uplifting odor that relieves stress and anxiety, so it was the natural choice. As I soaped up, I could smell the juniper all around me in the steamy shower, a scent that seemed to reveal itself in layers. The fresh, slightly resinous scent of juniper berries evolved into a deeper aroma of evergreen wood, with hints of earth that came and went, making for a very soothing experience after any rough day.

I noticed as I rubbed it onto my skin how smooth it felt. It removed dirt and oil easily, but left my skin feeling moisturized and supple, not stripped, as the skin usually feels with harsher products. That’s the work of the Castile soap made from organic vegetable oils, and oatmeal extract, all-natural ingredients that gently cleanse and lock moisture into the skin. They’re the foundation of every Anbia® product, something that I have come to value greatly.

I also noticed that the tightness and soreness in my muscles faded away, and my feet felt less swollen. That’s because juniper berries are a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic, capable of relieving swelling and pain. They also improve blood flow in the body, which helps muscles recover after a workout and boosts cell regeneration in the skin.

The same benefits are also seen when shaving with Juniper Joy Castile Body Wash Soap. The Castile soap provides just the right amount of slip to allow the razor to pass smoothly over the skin, for a close shave without any nicks or scratches, while juniper ensures that the experience is pain-free with no rash or bumps afterward. My boyfriend and I both love being able to shave with no irritation or redness, and be left with perfectly smooth skin, which makes it ideal for more sensitive and harder to reach areas.

Since I’ve been using it over the past few months, my skin feels softer and smoother, it looks less oily and overall more balanced, and minor skin issues have cleared up. I believe it’s all thanks to juniper berries cleansing ability and fabulous antioxidants, keeping my skin protected and nourished.

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