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In search of purity

I love to relax in the shower after a long day of hard work and sometimes getting dirty. It’s a simple and easy way to de-stress and enjoy some alone time before family and home obligations take precedence. There is a dizzying selection of bath products available today, but it can be difficult to know what is going to work well and what is going to be irritating or drying to my skin. I hate taking a luxurious shower, trying to relax, and stepping out of the shower red and burning or suffering from oily, itchy skin the next day.

Anbia® Endlessly Pure Castile Body Wash’s strength is in its simplicity. Consisting of pure, gentle castile soap and soothing oatmeal extract, I know that my skin is going to feel as good out of the shower as when I got in, if not better. These ingredients have been used for centuries to cleanse and moisturize skin without causing irritation, and, if the skin is already itchy or irritated, they can help it to heal.

Anbia® Endlessly Pure Castile Body Wash comes in a clear, plastic bottle with a convenient flip top that fits into a standard sized shower caddy. The label is simple and modern, and the bottle looks nice sitting in a bathroom. I keep mine in a corner of the shower, where I can reach it easily.

The first thing I notice about it when I use it, besides its pale golden color, is that it spreads easily and produces a lather quickly. It feels light but emollient on the skin. The scent is neutral. It doesn’t contain any added fragrance, which can be irritating to the skin, so it doesn’t have any particular aroma that lingers after use. Some people may find this unappealing, but my boyfriend likes that he’s not walking around with a strong scent on him after showering, and I like that there’s no odor on me that could be irritating to an animal’s sensitive nose. It washes off cleanly and easily, which I appreciate. It makes it easy to shower quickly when I don’t want to linger.

Another thing I like about Anbia®  Endlessly Pure Castile Body Wash is that I can use it on my hair and face as well as my body. It’s that gentle and versatile. I use a little to wash my hair, and it looks and feels good afterward, especially if I use a conditioner with it, like I would with a shampoo. I’ve also tried using it to wash my face, and despite my concerns, it got my face clean without drying it out or clogging my pores. After using it regularly, I can see that the skin all over my face and body appears more hydrated and smoother, and overall in a healthier condition.

There are so many products that irritate the skin. I feel lucky to have discovered Anbia® and their Endlessly Pure Castile Body Wash, because it actually makes my skin feel so much better. And since it’s vegan and organic, I feel that I’m helping to make the environment better, as well.

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