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The very first thing I noticed about this Spice Bae Castile Body Wash soap was the labeling. The front to back labeling is ombré with a dark chocolate brown on the bottom of the label fading up to a copper color and ending at the top with a rusty orange. I’m also happy to learn that there are only eight ingredients in this soap, and I can pronounce them all!

The Spice Bae Castile Body Wash soap has the spicy fragrance of cinnamon and clove. The plant which smells like cinnamon is from a tree called “cassia“. Cassia is derived from the distillation of its leaves and twigs and is more commonly known as, “Chinese Cinnamon”. Cassia has been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples as folklore medicine, its properties can help our bodies from circulatory to antidepressant properties and many other things in between. The cassia plant is very stimulating and tingles our senses.

benefits from the soil can be contributed to its anesthetic and stimulating properties, its main compound being, eugenol. The clove comes from a Chinese evergreen tree in the myrtle family called Syzygium aromaticum and is in the same botanical family as the cassia plant. The eugenol causes a stimulating and warm sensation. Both cassia and clove are two of my favorite spice scents!

This soap has cleansed and balanced the pH on my skin, I noticed a change on my face and hands after using this Castile Body Wash by ANBIA®. After one week of using the Spice Bae Castile Body Wash soap, I can distinguish an unquestionable clearing of acne on my face and my dried knuckles. This is due to all the amazing ingredients in this soap! Like the oats; which bring moisture to my skin and its ability to remove dead skin cells. And the sunflower oil which helps to nourish my overly dried skin because it is packed full of vitamins and fatty acids which help eliminate redness and blotchiness and helps the body grow new skin cells.

The organic coconut oil in this body wash has tremendous benefits for the skin. It is a total, ” TLC” after the harsh, cold winter I endured living in the Pacific North West of the United States. Another factor is that organic coconut oil has many benefits for our bodies such as it moisturizes dry skin, gives a silky touch to our hair, prevents premature aging because of its antioxidant properties. Organic coconut oil also helps heal wounds, protect against cracking skin and helps our skin growth because of the vitamin E content that repairs wear and tear replacement of damaged cells. In comparison to other beauty oils, coconut oil lasts longer and is used in many beauty products.

The Spice Bae Castile Body Wash soap is a very comforting soap for me and my family. Its warm fragrance brings calmness to my mind and balances my body. The aroma of this liquid soap brings me back to a fond memory of childhood, following warm snickerdoodle cookies baked in the oven and filling the room up with a delightful smell. As someone with sensitive skin, I sometimes find it difficult to try or rely on new soaps or body/face washes. After using the Spice Bae Castile Body Wash, I can most definitely say I will continue to use this body wash daily.

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