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Ancient spices used today to repair and protect skin

Fall is coming, and the weather will soon shift to icy across much of the U.S. When it’s cold outside, nothing feels cozier and comforting than the scent of warm spices. It reminds me of holidays with family, and spending time curled up under a blanket with cinnamon cookies and spiced tea. So, I’ve been reaching for Spice Bae Body Wash Soap when it’s time to relax and get clean after a long day.

Like all Anbia® body wash soaps, Spice Bae Castile Body Wash starts with castile soap, traditionally known for its gentleness and purity. Anbia® uses organic sunflower and coconut oils to create their castile liquid soap, then adds oatmeal extract to soothe and moisturize the skin. What makes Spice Bae unique in the line is the cassia and clove bud essential oils used for both their wonderful scent and their benefits for skin.

Cassia essential oil comes from the bark of the Cinnamon cassia tree, native to southeast Asia. It’s is similar to cinnamon in its scent and medicinal uses. An important herb in Chinese traditional medicine, cassia has been used since ancient times. Studies have shown that its high levels of cinnamaldehyde effectively kill bacteria and help the body to fight off infections. This, along with its natural astringent properties, helps to clear breakouts and heal rashes or sores. Cinnamaldehyde is anti-inflammatory, allowing it to relieve pain and swelling in the skin, muscles, and joints. Cassia Essential Oil is also rich in antioxidants that protect skin from damage caused by pollution or sun exposure by eliminating free radicals. And, it speeds cell regeneration of the skin by improving blood circulation.

Clove bud essential oil is the perfect partner for Cassia Essential Oil, not only because they smell so well together, but because they have such complementary benefits.  Clove bud essential oil comes from the flower buds of the clove tree, Syzygium aromaticum, which is native to Indonesia. Before the era of modern agricultural science, the clove tree took 20 years to come to maturity before the buds could be used, so the oil was highly prized. Like cassia, cloves have been used medicinally for thousands of years, and are still used in both Chinese traditional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Clove bud essential oil has several important components, including cinnamaldehyde and eugenol, that work together to fight bacteria, relieve inflammation, and ease pain. In addition, it contains high levels of antioxidants, and caryophyllene, a terpene which relieves stress and helps to protect the brain.

Spice Bae Castile Body Wash Soap has a rich, warm reddish-brown color that comes from the spices used to create it. Its scent is reminiscent of cinnamon and cloves. I was surprised by how light the scent is. It’s spicy without being heavy or perfumed. It comes in a clear, plastic bottle with a squeeze top, all of which is made with recyclable materials. The consistency is lighter and more slippery than most other body washes I’ve used, like hand or dish soap. I have to be careful when soaping up, as it’s easy to pour out too much. I must add, I did not use a loofah or a mesh sponge pouf but will use one next time. It rinses off easily and cleanly, which I love, without leaving a film on the skin. My skin feels softer and smoother after I’ve used it, and I notice that I have a rosy glow. My boyfriend appreciates that the scent is unisex, and that it doesn’t dry his skin out. I’m looking forward to using more of this body wash soap while the season is cool.

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